Warriors for His Kingdom

Ephesians 6:11-17

So I found this image online, or I guess, the Lord literally led me to it, and it just rings so close to my heart. A woman is wearing this armor, leaning against a tree. I imagined myself, relying on Jesus, in this image.

You better believe I picture myself as a warrior, and it starts on the softball field. Metaphorically speaking, every game I am out for blood. My mindset changes from my sweet, church-girl self to a fighter with adrenaline racing in my blood, thinking of my opponents as enemies to whom I will give no mercy.

Sound intense? Well if you are an athlete or have been at some point, I am sure you can relate. If you have ever watched a football or a basketball game, just think of the guys that pound their chests, screaming at the top of their lungs after a good play or a win. Quite animal-like, I must say.

We were created with this instinct to fight. But wait, doesn’t the Lord tell us to be humble, kind, loving and have peace with all of creation? How does this fit in?

This warrior mentality, like all other things given to us, exists to bring Glory back to our God. After all, we are waging war against the Enemy, Satan, who tries to convince us of lies—telling us that we are not worthy, that we are not good enough and that no one cares.

Ephesians 6 tells us that we must take up full arms against this Enemy by putting on the full armor of God. Reread the passage on the image. We were designed to fight against the spiritual forces of evil.

Each piece of the armor—the belt, breastplate, shoes, shield and helmet—is given to protect us. Yet God does not only protect. He also gives us the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

The sword is the Word. The Word of God, the Bible, which I currently hold in my hand. This was given to me to fight off the enemy. With the Word, I am not just a warrior in armor but also a warrior with a sword.

The last thing I want to point out about this image is how the warrior is leaning on a tree.

Jesus died for my life hanging on a tree. This tree is a symbol of the cross.

Without Jesus’ death, we would have no sword and no protection against the Enemy.

It would be like losing a game or a race before it even started. Without Jesus, there is no chance of victory.

But God did send Jesus to this earth. He did, while living a perfect, holy, and righteous life, die on the cross for my salvation. I can do nothing apart from Him. (John 15:5) Yet it is not enough to just know this. I must take up my armor daily, fighting to serve my God and bring Him the glory that is already His.

4 thoughts on “Warriors for His Kingdom

  1. C. Soto says:

    I came across your blog “seemingly by accident but spiritually on purpose as I was looking for images on the Armor of God. Thank you for sharing your heart and the Good News of His great love for us. All the Best to you Warrior for His Kingdom!

  2. Rev.Simmons says:

    I also stumbled unto this website while searching out the Armor of God. Thank you! it was Only God
    who brought me here. Thank you Father God!

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