Conzelman Spreading Gospel Through CrossFit

Conzelman Spreading Gospel Through CrossFit


In my most recent article for, I was able to learn the story about Becky Conzelman and how she uses her talents and passion for competition to glorify the Lord. She is teaming up with other CrossFit believers to mass produce thousands of CrossFit New Testament Bibles to distribute to the community. How inspiring! Click on the above link to read the whole story, but here’s a excerpt:

God tells us that He will meet the desires of our heart when we delight in Him (Psalm 37:3-4). Jesus is our ultimate desire, but God chooses to bless us in this life with gifts of fulfilling even our smaller desires. By embracing our talents and using them to the fullest, like Conzelman has done with her surpassing physical fitness, we exchange our earthy joy for Heavenly Glory.

“The Lord is giving me CrossFit to add joy to my life,” Conzelman said. “But my ultimate joy is Jesus. That’s what motivates me to give my best in a workout.”

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