Senior Day Praise and Prayers

In light of picking this blog back up as I embark on the end of my senior season and Kansas Career, headed into my professional career as a Chicago Bandit, God laid it on my heart to share today my own praise and prayers from my journal entry this morning:

Our senior day is finally here.

I remember as freshman, getting to campus for orientation, knowing that in a blink of an eye, my own Senior Day would come. And here it is. So much has happened in the last four years.

God, I would have never imagined that you would have me be the player I’ve become… Let alone breaking records and being drafted to play professionally. I had know idea, LORD, that you would have me fall in love with the game of softball like I have.

But LORD, you knew!

You knew since the beginning of time.
You knew when you created me in my mother’s womb.
You knew when I first picked up a bat and a ball, when I could barely walk.
You knew when I played in the Ken Berry League growing up.
You knew your plans when we gave up travel basketball for softball.
You knew when I got my first home run.

When I made varsity at Free State as a freshman, you knew.
The times I was injured, you knew.
When I wore the Kansas jersey for the first time, LORD, you knew.

Praise your Name, O LORD!

Isaiah 26:8 says, “Yes, LORD, walking in the way of Your laws, we wait for You; Your name and Your renown are the desire of our heart.”

Thank you for one more day to play today. And God, thank you that Your Name and Your Fame are the desire of my heart.

One thought on “Senior Day Praise and Prayers

  1. Paula Montgomery says:

    Wish you the best …have loved watching you and the team play for the last four years.Mostly, I am so impressed by your humility and knowing from where your ability comes from.Prayers for His continued blessings on you and your next level.Will miss seeing you.

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